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Activating the Contact Us module

Once you've installed this module you must enable it. You will find it on the Manage Features section under Messaging.

Setting an email recipient for the contact us messages

First you need to make sure you've set up the SMTP settings for email in Configuration > Settings.

You then need to set the user who will receive email messages when someone uses your contact form. The recipient must be an Orchard user. In Admin go to the new Contact Us management page. Here type the username of a user on Orchard. Be careful to spell the username correctly as this isn't currently checked and will only result in an error when you try and send a contact message.

The user must also have a valid email address set up. If this is the user that you used to set up Orchard then it may not have asked you for an email address yet. You can add an email address in the User Management section.

The contact us message page

You can find the contact us page at ~/Contact or ~/ContactUs

If you want this to apear on your menu, then you can do this in Navigation > Manage Main Menu.

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